Everywoman Everywhere Coalition- We’re live!

A heartfelt welcome to all activist, scholars, volunteers, survivors, and concerned members of our global community! Today marks the official launch of our Everywoman Everywhere Coalition, a highly diverse group of women and men from around the world who have come together with a singular mission: To advance a new legally binding international norm on violence against women and girls. While no one single action or approach will prove the “magic bullet” in ending this breed of terror, we collectively believe that a new norm in the form of a United Nations Convention or legally binding equivalent (such as an additional protocol to CEDAW) will prove a dramatic step forward in creating a legal standard supporting governments and citizens work on this critical issue through clear standards for domestic law, and accountability for their implementation.

We hope to use this blog as a space for folks to share their perspectives on the many facets of the Everywoman Everywhere Coalition’s work and the policies we have come together to pursue. That means we would love to hear from you!

Do you have a story you’d like to share that illustrates the need for a norm?

Have you seen first hand the impact of a gap in domestic law or implementation in your context?

Do you have thoughts and feedback about the core platform- what it must or must not include?

Do you have experience with using regional or global treaties with success or cha

Are you a survivor that ran into barriers to justice in the legal system? What could have been done better?

Are you a concerned citizen who has had frustration or success in engaging your community (school, work, friends, general public) in conversation about ending violence against women?

Do you have concerns about the prospect of a new norm, and want to share it with this community?

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