Bulgaria, Europe
Albena Koycheva


“My strong support for adopting a global instrument on VAW is based on my practical experience with litigating such cases at national and international level, and with training experts on the implementation of gender equality principles in making their decisions and taking affirmative actions for prevention and protection of women against violence in all spheres. Good intentions need effective implementation – otherwise they can hardly prove to even be intentions. Survivors of gender based violence are constantly facing stereotypes instead of standards, and barriers of all kind instead of effective remedies. While gender equality has been widely recognized as a principle in the basic human rights treaties, its implementation and the de facto realization of women’s rights have proven to be a difficult task for states parties to the respective treaties. VAW and DV have been recognized as the most wide-spread forms of gender based discrimination and research keeps on confirming that. The roots of VAW and the obstacles for its eradication seem to be not so much country/ethnic/religion specific, rather similarities prevail all over the world. Regional or national instruments to combat VAW, where successfully implemented, can serve as models for achieving a worldwide mechanism.”

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