Honduras and Dominican Republic, Latin America
Alina Ramirez


“A binding international norm that forbids violence against women would be a significant instrument aimed at confronting this social problem. In The Americas it would reinforce the Belem do Pará Convention and national legislations on the matter. Twenty years after that convention, Latin American women movements have identified gaps in the definitions of types of violence –such as patrimonial. Other modalities of violence have emerged and extended, becoming part of the everyday life and are being tolerated by the law, such as forced marriages, violation of the reproductive rights of women when they are forced to get to term to a pregnancy resulting from rape or when her life is in danger, sexual harassment and patrimonial violence, among others. Equally important is to count with an international binding norm sanctioning violence against women as a violation of human rights. States and governments should also be subject to sanctions for promoting and/or tolerating violence against women. I am in favor of a global binding norm on VAW.”

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