El Salvador, Latin America and Caribbean
America Joaquina Romualdo


In my work experience since 1994, the year in which there was not any protective legislation for women in the case of sexual violence, society did not recognize this type of violence as a serious social problem and didn’t allow the development of women in the country. Violence against women was considered to be part of the culture and justified as part of the “men´s right to correct women who misbehaved”. From 1995 the ratification of the Inter-american Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence Against Women “Convention of Belém do Pará”, allowed the feminist activists to take action and pressure to achieve legislation that will provide protection to the women who reported violence, and in addition show it as a serious problem for Salvadoran women. Even with the current regulations in El Salvador, the eradication of violence against women is still ineffective; some of its types are still considered part of the culture. Progress has been made especially in women’s consciousness about their right to live free of violence, but action is needed to make structural changes. To move the political wills it is necessary to create an international instrument that commits the states to make the structural changes needed to eradicate violence against women. I am in favor of a global treaty on VAW.

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