Hong Kong, Asia
Amy Barrow

Amy Barrow (3)

“Though CEDAW and other international legal instruments provide a framework to address VAW and strengthen women’s human rights, gender-based violence continues to be perpetuated by distinct cultural norms, laws and policies at national levels with grave economic and social consequences for individual women, their families and the wider community. VAW doesn’t only affect the ‘other’ woman – gender-based violence transcends borders, it takes place in all communities and societies, irrespective of how developed a society is or the cultural context in which women find themselves situated. We have to do more to address impunity towards VAW and work towards eliminating all forms of violence, both physical and structural, against women. Women at risk of violence, their children and families, can’t afford to lose any more time. Now is the time for action. More funding has to be targeted at the elimination of VAW including the prevention of VAW and effective psycho-social support services for survivors. A global binding norm on the elimination of violence against women is an essential step to the realization that gender-based violence should never be tolerated.”

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