Uganda, Africa
Anne Barabogoza Gamurorwa

Anne Gamurorwa

“An international treaty is an agreement entered into by sovereign states and international organizations. They are in written form and they are like contracts, binding partners to assume the said obligations failure of which they can be liable under international law. Although Violence against women is recognized in international law as violence of human rights, and it is widespread and highlighted in many reports, its causes and consequences well known and appreciated by many, there is no single International Treaty that seems to cover this this type of human rights violation. This means that women in this predicament have insufficient protection. Some states failed to develop laws to protect women and girls, some African and European states went ahead and adopted the Istanbul Convention and the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights of women in Africa. Other states have passed inadequate laws, like those which do not include aspects like marital rape, while others have laws which are not enforced due to reasons like indifference, societal beliefs and culture. In some countries, VAW is acceptable, even by women, and many feel it is not grave enough to report as it is means by which men control women. I am in favor of a global treaty on VAW.”

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