Hong Kong, Asia
Anne Scully-Hill

Anne Scully Hill

“Because despite the very best attempts thus far, the incidence of violence against women continues across time, across national boundaries, across cultures, at largely consistent rates and in largely recognizable patterns. To acquiesce to the daily violation of women’s dignity as individuals; to the abuse of their bodily and psychological security and integrity; to the onslaught of patriarchy against their humanity and their equal status with men; to their death at the hands of loved ones and strangers alike; is to watch each woman’s life, dreams and potential be degraded and in some cases destroyed. This must not continue. Nor is it only women whom violence against women damages. The perpetrators of that violence are brutalized by their own actions; children who see the violence, who are caught up in the violence, are traumatized and suffer the consequences long into their own adulthoods; society as a whole loses the myriad positive contributions that women could make to our world if they were not subjected to violence. A binding global norm on the elimination of violence against women is essential, not just for women, but for us all.”

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