South Sudan, Africa
Anyieth D’Awol


“Violence against women is one of the most prevalent ills of all societies around the globe despite poverty levels and other indicators that place nations apart from one another. From the poorest nations to the most developed, VAW is a phenomenon that exists everywhere. The main obstacle to progress in the area of VAW is that culture and religion remain the accepted norm that justifies the fact that an untold number of women and girls suffer and lose their lives every day. Furthermore, a global norm against VAW will be a break in a link that holds the world in a cycle of social ills including poverty and violence of varying scales from the individual to family and clan and to greater social units. VAW does not only affect women but all of society. A global binding norm is a crucial step in recognizing and addressing it as one of the most prevalent, persistent and damaging human right violations. This would help victims and the numerous individual, institutions and policy makers attempting to challenge the global culture that places men at an unfair advantage over women and break the cycle.”

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