El Salvador, Latin America - Advisory Member
Claudia Herrmannsdorfer

Claudia Herrmannsdorfer 2013

“Since the approval in 1995 by the Inter-American System on Human Rights of a unique and paradigmatic convention specifically addressing violence against women, the Inter-American Convention on Prevention, Sanction and Elimination of VAW (Belém do Pará Convention), the countries of the region had a strong framework to impose specific legislation, institutional mechanisms and diverse grassroots actions in the multi-phase process to achieve women’s human right to access a life without violence based on gender reasons. These experiences are still far from being achieved, but they have left good practices in different aspects. A global norm on VAW will be a complement for the Inter-American System or to CEDAW, it can constitute an important means to address, in a clear and concrete form the issue worldwide, it may be a fundamental tool for human rights organizations and advocates providing a fundamental legal and formal framework for implementation and due process and specially, it is referring to a binding instrument to be enforced by the international community to effectively approach a structural problem that requires every effort in order to be eradicated.I am in favor of a global binding norm on VAW.”

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