UNITED STATES, North America
Denise Kindschi Gosselin


“There are international agreements on the right of women to live lives free of violence. Notably these include the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the United Nations General Recommendations 12 and 19, and the 1993 UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. Despite declarations aimed at ending violence, women continue to struggle against the impacts of physical, sexual, and mental violence that is gender aimed at subjugating women worldwide. Women continue to suffer economic violence through denied opportunities for work and equal pay. Decades of mobilization to end gender-based violence have shown inconsistent results that recede with any excuse allowing widespread social violence to flourish. Progress towards gender equality waxes and wanes with government changes or instability. A global binding norm on VAW is needed for generational stability on the human rights of women.”

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