Ethiopia, Africa
Dr. Morissanda Kouyate

Dr Morissanda Kouyaté

“Adopting an international Treaty on VAW would be a significant progress in the protection of women and recognition of their rights. This political will must now be translated into concrete action. The International Treaty on VAW will address several sensitive issues such as violence against women in general and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in particular, early marriages, lack of involvement of women in social and political decision making, all of which are deeply anchored in different societies and which governments are not trying enough to tackle in their national plans. An International Treaty on VAW would be a social, political, economic and legal instrument which protects women and which supplants the pathetic political discussions for the benefit of women. International Treaty on VAW is an opportunity for countries and governments to implement their political will to restore the rights of women. It is also an exercise in futility to hide behind economic growth if the majority of the population, that is, women, cannot benefit from such growth due to the suffering occasioned by violence; Is it really possible to have socio-economic growth if women are still faced with these curses? An International Treaty on VAW is not a gift to offer to women, it is their right. “

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