Bangladesh, Asia
Ferdous Ara Begum


“Our organization AARC is committed to have zero tolerance for violence. We support the move for an Additional Protocol to CEDAW to have a legally binding instrument that establishes global minimal norms and standards to outlaw violence against women. CEDAW Convention has articles like 2,5,11,12,16 and GR 12 and 19 and GR 27, which have incorporated direct provisions / recommendations for prohibiting violence against women that may take place at home, at the workplace, custodial violence or any other kind, as it is a huge violation of human rights. Also SC Resolutions like 1325 and 1820 also prohibit violence at the conflict zone.
We are also supporting a full Convention for the eradication of violence against women in all its forms. In case, if States Parties are not agreeable to this move, then an additional protocol of CEDAW may be good to achieve.”

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