Madagascar, Africa
Gaby Razafindrakoto

Gaby Razafindrakoto 2017

Women have had some gains in their fight against Gender Based Violence, yet there is still much to be done. In spite of the ratification and signature of international and regional conventions or protocols regarding women’s rights and gender equity, among others the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Beijing Declaration, and , any other regional agreements, women and girls are still considered as ‘ ‘second class citizens’ in some parts of the world . They are denied their basic rights as human beings, and remain dependent on their male kin or relatives. They cannot even voice their views and do not dare ‘break the silence’ to denounce or report the violence they suffer from. Besides, states too have their own interpretation of the laws and most of the times lack the political commitment to enact, enforce VAW bills.
For all these reasons, I think that a strong Global Treaty on Violence Against Women should be drafted, and recognized by all governments. A clear definition of VAW, along with specific provisions, implementation and monitoring /evaluation mechanisms will be of great help. It will give an instrument to make officials accountable for the results they get in reducing or eliminating VAW. The data compiled at global level will be a barometer of the progress made in the efforts to show that ‘Might is not Right’.

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