Egypt, MENA
Ghada Mahmoud Hammam


I am an Egyptian girl who was brought up in Upper Egypt where women live in a very hard situation. Women there are deprived of the rights of education, safe health service, and societal and public participation. Parental control is also strictly imposed on the women of Upper Egypt. All these factors had great impact on me and created a dire desire inside me to change this reality, and I did. I worked in the field of fighting poverty immediately after graduation. I realized that economic empowerment plays a vital role in the protection of women. Then I found that the economic aspect alone won’t suffice, but we need to change the cultural concepts and attitudes towards women. Moreover, we need to deeply establish the concepts of equality in societies along with other economic, educational, and social concepts. Hence, I firmly believe that experts, women who have survived violence, and those concerned are considered the first step forward towards uniting efforts and mainstreaming expertise related to the protection of women against violence. Also various expertise, knowledge, and exchange of experiences will lead to influential joint action that adopts and activates women protection policies on the global and regional levels. I am in favor of a global treaty on VAW.

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