Cameroon, Africa
Gladys Mbuyah Luku


“Violence against women is a global problem and to succeed in putting an end to it, there must be uniformity in its definition and the sanctions to be meted out on perpetrators. There must be a way of holding all governments accountable. It is true that lawyers can call in aid international treaties on women’s issues to prosecute cases of violence, unfortunately CEDAW which is the most comprehensive international treaty on women’s rights, does not contain any provision that speaks directly to violence against women. I have had a long term commitment to human rights issues especially gender based violence either as a legal practitioner or a human rights activist working with NGO’s. Despite the critical work and increasing attention we have paid to gender based violence issues using our national laws and existing international treaties, it has not produced the required result, and I have come to the conclusion that it is easier to combat an ill that is legally defined than to change mindsets. I believe we all need something new to add to our human rights tool kits. I support an international treaty on Violence against Women.”

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