Gulnara Mammadova


The struggle of women against violence is a struggle against men power, the struggle of experience against culture, memory against forgetting. Nowadays we are experiencing challenges posed in democracy everywhere. Democracy is being tested on strength. İt is happening mainly because of a gap between a term and its practice. Full democracy requires the full participation of all citizens: men and women. Woman rights around the world is an important indicator of populations values, prosperity, and interests. Despite many successes in empowering women meanwhile, we are experiencing a dangerous rollback to traditionalism in many countries. The worst thing is that women unfree not only because of discrimination but unlearned rights, ineffective laws, and unaccountable states. For me, work on VAW treaty is about transformation. İt is akin to a proverb ‘the water grinds the stone’. İt is an important initiative aiming to change states’ attitude to VAW and make them more accountable. İt is about true leadership, advocacy, dialogue, learning, educating and sharing experience worldwide. We can achieve changes when we unite to make states listen to us and respond our questions.

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