Jolene Romain


Women in the Caribbean, as in other continents of the globe, suffer varying forms of violence. In recent years the upsurge of this type of crime has captured more attention from the media. However, due to the dearth of published research and the severe lack of recorded trends on this and many other social issues, the dynamics of violence against women cannot always be specified. Consequently, the origin, motive, nature, crime culture and many other questions surrounding crime and violent acts committed against women remain unanswered, leaving families at large clenching to protect their female loved ones. It is, however general knowledge in the Caribbean that women face violence privately and publicly. This issue, though not sufficiently documented, has impacted the safety of women in the Caribbean and has created in some areas a hyper-vigilance about women’s safety as they go about their daily lives. The UN Caribbean Women (2017) proposed that “Gender-based violence, and in particular violence against women and girls is one of the most common forms of insecurity facing citizens in the Caribbean.” A global treaty is therefore overdue. This undertaking will not only continue to keep the issue relevant among governments, but help to link this region with international affiliates to chart a better course for the safety and security of our Caribbean women.

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