Poland, Europe
Katarzyna Sękowska-Kozlowska


“I would like to express my support for the idea of creating universal treaty on preventing and combating violence against women. Certainly, no legal norm can guarantee women’s safety everywhere. Nevertheless, pushing states to undertake and to fulfill international obligation to combat VAW seems to be critical step forward. Till now, much has been done but more is still to be achieved. Declarations, recommendations or resolutions on various forms of VAW are important voices but without binding force. Jurisprudence of numerous international bodies, including CEDAW and regional courts, contributes undoubtedly to recognition of VAW as human rights violation. I endorse, however, opinion that dealing with VAW under right to life, anti-torture or anti-discrimination provisions gives only partial redress (cf. Alice Edwards, Violence against Women under International Human Rights Law, Cambridge 2012). Therefore we should gather our knowledge and experience to work out a brand new instrument.”

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