Tunisia, MENA
Khedija Arfaoui

Khadija Arfaoui

“I feel a global binding norm is needed. At this time, the world super powers are uniting and asking their allies to join them against terror, against this unprecedented transnational terrorism. We can see that there are some hesitations, some countries being reluctant to join. There will be more and more in the coming days, weeks, months.Women used to live in isolation, too busy doing housework and working on the socialization of children. They had no opportunity to talk with other women and exchange their thoughts about how hard, lonesome, dreary their life was. Things have changed since then. Even before the age of internet, women had been able to communicate and exchange their thoughts. So doing, they were able to bring appreciable gains into their lives. But much more needs to be done. There are many women even in developed countries who have no rights at all, either as wives, daughters, sisters, mothers. This situation should not be tolerated if we want women to be better wives/daughters/mothers: A global binding norm is needed to counter violence against women and see real gender equality. Why? The reason is simply that: Women’s rights are Human Rights.”

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