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Laurie Tannous

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Human trafficking is one of the world’s most shameful ills – a heartless violation of human rights in which lives are traded, sold, exploited, abused and ruined. No country is immune, and millions of lives are at stake. There are more people enslaved today than at any other points in human history. In my experience and profession, I have experienced first-hand the horrors of those who have lost their freedom. We must bring those in the legal profession together to fight this evil. In many countries, the consequences for being a slaver are light, the victims are being prosecuted for their involvement, and there is an overall lack of understanding and awareness on how or what to do. There must be economic solutions put in place that systematically combat this evil. There is a role for every one of us in this fight. Knowing what we know we cannot simply be “balcony lookers” it is incumbent upon us to get involved and for each one of us to use our unique skill set to make an impact. I am in favor of a Global Treaty on VAW.

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