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Lois Herman

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I am absolutely in favor of a Global Treaty on Violence against Women and Girls!

Little girl baby, I celebrate your birth. May both of us see a ratified, official UN Convention on Violence Against Women. In many parts of the world, you will not be as welcomed as a boy. You may be discriminated and experience violence, stereotypes, abuse, throughout your lifetime, in so many ways as have the generations of women before you. But, I will continue to advocate for you, for all of us as women and girls, to move beyond Non-Enforceable Treaties, Domestic Laws, Country Reports as Beijing +, and more, to once and for all make VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN a violation of international law, a human right to be monitored and enforced, for the equality, justice, and dignity of women and girls Everywhere, Everywoman & Girl.

Sisterhood of Women – Multigenerational – For A UN Convention On Violence Against Women

Women of the world, girls of the planet,
We are all sisters.
Traumas and joys that happen to one,
Happen to us all.
Issues and rights, oppression and empowerment
Are part of woman’s challenge for equality, for dignity,
For we are bonded in the female spirit.
We reach out to learn, to understand each other.
Local to global, rural and urban, near and far, hugs and tears,
Now is our time!

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