Australia, Oceania
Margie Charlesworth


“A global binding norm in relation to VAW and girls is required because despite having international instruments such as CEDAW there are still women and girls who experience violence as part of their daily lives.Too often this violence is committed against them either in the quest to observe culture beliefs and custom, which are outdated in many instances; or perform on them in the so called ‘best interests of the girl or woman.Unfortunately, and ashamedly, there still remains instance where violence is practiced again young girls and women with disabilities in Australia in their so called best interest. Many of them are still being forcefully sterilised against their will and without their informed consent. It is my hope that a binding norm, eliminating all forms of violence against all women and girls will encapsulate some of the more obscure forms of violence such as the deprivation of an individual’s human rights to have control over what is done to them even when they cannot speak for themselves.”

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