England, Europe
Martha Jean Baker


“Violence against women permeates women’s lived experience, wherever they are, throughout the world. It is so much of the ‘new normal’ that women and men are so accepting and internalising it in their lives, that they often do not recognise it as wrong or unnatural when it hits them in the head – sometimes quite literally. It takes many different forms, in different contexts: from genital cutting, forced marriage, acid attacks and violent rape to partner rape sexual harassment, bullying, browbeating and much more. We need a lot more public information and we need strong laws and law enforcement that lets us say ‘NO’ so we can stop it happening. It is important to have a binding global norm, but ratification or such an agreed norm is just the first step. Many ‘dualist’ countries, like the UK where I live, must also enact domestic legislation – and then, of course – enforce it diligently.”

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