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Meera Khanna

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Violence against women is provably the most democratic in its incidence, since it occurs across all boundaries of creed, ethnicity, nationality, educational status, and economic strata. Since it is global phenomenon, all the more reason that it should be treated not just a cultural off shoot of patriarchy, but as a crime against humanity and a gross and irrefutable violation of human right to life of dignity. A treaty binding on all state parties, will be able to drive policy to legally prevent gender based violence and protect women from violence. Institutional mechanisms and normative frame works within countries has been by and large slow in implementation due to the all pervading climate of patriarchy. A treaty that fills the normative gap globally will catalyse the implementation since the onus of accountability will be on the state parties. I welcome the treaty which will bring a change the lives of millions of women who for centuries have lived traumatised lives under the shadow of gendered violence.

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