Kyrgyzstan, Asia
Munara Beknazarova


“Despite the observations and recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Committee), the practice of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan continues, aggravating the issue by the impunity for the phenomenon.

In order to implement these recommendations the Kyrgyz Government has undertaken a number of measures to update the respective legislation: it adopted amendments to the Criminal Code on strengthening punishment for forced marriages, it adapted syllabi that have been introduced in educational schools and universities, the disciplines covering gender policies, theories of equal rights and opportunities for men and women.

Most parts of the recommendations of the CEDAW Committee have not been fulfilled. The State does not fully take required actions in prevention of bride kidnapping, investigation, and prosecution for the respective crime violates core obligations of the CEDAW Convention. These violations are serious and systematic, limiting women’s rights and freedom throughout the country – freedom of movement, personal immunity, the right not to be subjected to tortures or treatment with cruelty and disgrace, the right to a voluntary marriage, freedom and security, the right to a just trial.

To address these problems, we are in favor of developing an international binding norm to address and reduce VAW.”

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