Costa Rica, Latin America, ADVISORY GROUP
Rodrigo Jimenez


“The American System for the Protection of Human Rights, thanks’ to the Movement of Women, approved in 1996 the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. This tool has allowed the judgment of the Governments that do not fulfill the principle of due diligence as in the Cotton Fields case that condemn the Mexican State Government for the systemic violence suffered by the women in the State of Chihuahua. These sentences have been a direct impact in the change of the Mexican justice as well other countries in the region. The obligation to reconcile the Human Rights with the local legislation allows the development of several generations of laws in the Region countries, for example: laws against domestic violence, against violence against women, laws for a life free of violence against women. These initiatives motivated the official agencies of administration of Justice to create Gender related committees, Unities, and specialized services for the attention, detection and punishment of violence against women. A global binding norm on VAW is necessary and will organize regional rules to prevent, punish and erase violence against women, establish international standards, serve as a guide to harmonize domestic internal legislation, and strengthen the principle of due diligence.”

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