Kenya, Africa
Ruth Anyango Aura

Ruth Aura Photo

“Violence against women is insidious. Every nation is grumbling with its devastating effects. Many countries around the world do not have specific legislation that addresses violence against women holistically. The same is reflected in the global community where various international instruments have been developed which are legally binding to tackle civil and political rights, social economic rights, racial discrimination, torture related issues just to mention a few. These led to the establishment of legislation to address those specific issues in many countries across the world. However there is no legally binding international instrument addressing violence against women other than Declarations and Resolutions, which make it difficult to hold governments accountable. There is therefore need to have a standalone instrument dedicated to addressing violence against women as one way of getting governments to be more accountable for the victims. The absence of such an instrument has exacerbated impunity in many countries. Women want to feel safe everywhere! We must speak with one voice across the globe to vouch for the establishment of this instrument. I wholly support the cause.”

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