Cambodia, Asia
Sopheap Ros

Sopheap Ros Jul17

“Violence against Women (VAW) remains a serious concern and it is widespread, systematic and culturally entrenched in the Cambodian society. A UN Multi-Country Studied on Violence against Women in South Asia, 2013 revealed that 25.3% of Cambodian women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in her life time, and 20.4% of the men have committed rape. I was very much encouraged to be working on women’s empowerment and promoting gender equality when I started to understand the root causes of power imbalance between women and men. I strongly believe that the equality of women and men must be recognized and seriously considered when we talk about development. In the last decade, Cambodia has made progress in its efforts to intervene and prevent gender-based violence (GBV), but huge challenges still remain. While appropriate laws and policies have been promulgated, implementation is not happening. Police and courts minimize GBV and they often don’t respond to cases deemed as “not serious”. Even though the impediments for enjoying our full rights are huge, I believe that the coherence of the women’s movement worldwide is a strong weapon to stop VAW. Therefore, the international Treaty is an important voice to address this concern issue. “

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