Serbia, Europe
Violeta Momcilovic

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“A comprehensive legislation is fundamental for an effective and coordinated response to violence against women. States have clear obligations under international law to enact legislation addressing all forms of violence against women, implement it and monitor its enforcement. However, significant gaps in existing legal frameworks still remain. States, all around the world, fail to live up to their international obligations and commitments and to prevent and frequently even address violence against women. Too many perpetrators are not held accountable for their misdoings, offenses and crimes. Unfortunately, the impunity persists. Thus, women continue to be re-victimized through the legal process. The only way of global and overall women’s protection is the adoption and enforcement of the international Treaty of Violence Against Women (VAW), one binding legal agreement which should address and punish all forms of violence against women and girls, in line with the international human rights standards. Personally, I fully support a global binding norm on VAW.”


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