Cuba, Latin America
Yasmín Silvia Portales Machado


“Violence  against women is an expression of the structural problems of inequality of the patriarchy. It is the specific expression of two phenomena: gender-based violence, which reinforces the superiority of the heterosexual men in the social structure, and domestic violence which defends the inequality in the private sphere. VAW can be perpetrated by men or women, and affects both biological women and transsexuals, without distinction in their sexual orientation. Because of the complexity of the phenomenon and its common practice, the denunciation and punishment for this praxis or promotion is difficult, and encounters resistance at legislative, executive and media spaces. An international treaty that recognizes the diversity of VAW (social class, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation must be considered) and leads the national states to adjust their legislation, will be a greater chance of success to those who fight for the government’s obligation for dignified life for all to become embodied in laws and public policies. In Cuba, civil society would greatly benefit from an international benchmark, coherent with CEDAW and the Beijing Platform for Action (of which our State is a signatory), because the UN is more powerful than national NGO’s.”

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