Sierra Leone, Africa
Yeabu Tholley

Yeabu Josephine Tholley

“Violence against women is a public health issue and a violation of human rights. It is an issue that is imbedded in our culture. It takes many forms, from domestic abuse to rape, sexual abuse and harmful cultural practices ranging from genital circumcision and forced marriage to child marriage.I have struggled with these questions since I was a young girl. Why are women subjected to serious violation? Why is there so much impunity? Who should be held accountable? While there are still many things unclear to me, the one thing I know for sure is that women need a voice. Women have to speak for themselves. Women need to be able to find their voices to tell their stories; their stories of pain, suffering and anguish, and of hopes, dreams, aspirations and triumph. It is through these voices that we can begin to understand how much injustice has been done to women and how crucial it is that we put a stop to impunity. When women find their voice they can begin to demand accountability – from governments, policy makers, international agencies and other stakeholders.I support a global binding norm on VAW”.

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