Key Facts

Is there a gap in the law?

Number of U.S. states where rapists who impregnate their victim maintain parental rights: 31
Percentage of developed nations where marital rape is legal: 30%
As of 2011, number of Middle East and North African states where marital rape is legal: 100%
Number of States in Sub-Saharan Africa where marital rape is legal: 80%
Percentage of nations worldwide where marital rape is legal: 73%
Percentage of Australian women who have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence: 57%
Number of executed judgments on VAW in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Less than 1%
Number of cases decided by the African Court since the inception of the Maputo Protocol on violence against women: 0
Number of days Somali rape victim sentenced to jail for speaking out about attack by government soldiers: 365
India’s national rape conviction rate in 1973: 44%
India’s national rape conviction rate in 2010: 26%
Percent of adults in China who have experienced domestic violence: 64%
Number of national laws in China that define domestic violence: 0
Percent of Bolivian women who experience intimate partner violence: 50%
Percent of women in Ecuador who have experienced violence against women: 60%
Number of women and girls alive today who have been subjected to female genital cutting: 140 million
Percent of female genital cutting that is performed by health care providers: 18%
Percentage of Middle Eastern and North African nations with no domestic violence law: 80%
Percent of acid attacks directed at women and girls: 80%
Number of child brides worldwide married before age 18: 60 million
Number of women living in nations where domestic violence is not a crime: 603 million
Specific mentions of violence against women in the UN Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): 0